The Polarization Maintaining (PM) 1050 nm Amplified Spontaneous Emission (ASE) light source has broad wavelength range covering from 1030 nm to 1070 nm. This light source using Ytterbium-doped fiber produces excellent stability and output power.

Features & Applications
Ordering Codes

-Polarization Maintaining (PM) ASE Light Source-



High output power
Excellent output power stability
Compact Size
Component Characterization
High Power Fiber Laser
Fiber Optic Sensing
Optical Tomography


PM Fiber Series
Wavelength Output Power Datasheet
1022~1078 nm 10 dBm
1040~1085 nm 27 dBm
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Ordering Codes

OLS15105 - B - P - [Power] - [Connector Type]

Power Code Connector Type Code
+ 10 dBm 10 FC/APC FA
+ 27 dBm 27 Others XX
Others XX  
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