This EDFA is designed for the Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) applications. The device features excellent gain flatness, low noise figure and wide operating wavelength range. It also has good network control interface.
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-Erbium-doped Fiber Amplifiers for DWDM-



Excellent gain flatness
Low noise figure
Wide operating wavelength range
Good network control interface
Digital communication networks

Parameter Performance Unit
Operating Wavelength 16 Channels 1546~1561 nm
32 Channels 1535~1562 nm
40 Channels 1527~1562 nm
Input Power Booster Amplifier -14 to +5 dBm
In-Line Amplifier -26 to 0 dBm
Pre-Amplifier -29 to -5 dBm
Output Power Max 21 dBm
Gain 14 to 33 dB
Noise Figure Booster Amplifier 5.0 dB
In-Line Amplifier 5.0 dB
Pre-Amplifier 4.5 dB
Gain Flatness 1.0 dB
Isolation Input Min 30 dB
Output Min 30 dB
Output Pump Leakage Max -30 dBm
Return Loss Input Min 45 dB
Output Min 45 dB
Polarization Mode Dispersion Max 0.5 ps
Polarization Dependent Gain Max 0.5 dB
Power Consumption Max 30 W
Operating Temperature 0 to 65 ºC
Operating Humidity 5 to 95 %
Storage Temperature -40 to 85 ºC
Dimension Electric Module: (W x L x H) 150x125x24

Optical Module: (W x L x H) 120x100x25


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Order Codes

OLEDFA - D - [Amplifier Type] - [Channel Number] - [Output Power] - [Pigtail Type] - [Connector Type]

Amplifier Type Code
Channel Number
Output Power
Pigtail Type
Connector Type
Boost Amplifier B


16 11dBm 11 900μm 90 FC/UPC FU
In-Line Amplifier L 32channels 32 13dBm 13 3.0mm 3 FC/APC FA
Pre-Amplifier P 40channels 40 15dBm 15   SC/UPC SU
    17dBm 17 SC/APC SA
20dBm 20 MU/UPC MU

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