Opto-Link Corporation Limited is a fiber optic manufacturer and distributor of advanced fiber optic components and optoelectronic devices. We also provide specialized and customized fiber optic products such as ASE , SLED broadband light sources (Benchtop/Module), EDFA Amplifier- Erbium Doped Fiber Amplifier (Benchtop/Module) , and fiber optic components that are used in telecommunication, R&D laboratories and optical sensing applications.



2000 nm Components New Products!

Beam Combiner / Splitter 2000nm Coupler 2000nm PM Coupler
2000nm Circulator 2000nm PM Circulator Polarizer
2000nm Isolator 2000nm PM Isolator  


Polarization Maintaining (PM) Products

Beam Combiner / Splitter PM Circulators PM Collimator
PM Coupler PM Faraday Mirror Polarizer
PM Patchcord / Pigtail PM Isolator PM Variable Optical Attenuator (VOA)
PM ASE Light Source

850nm Components

850nm Coupler 850nm MM Coupler 850nm PM Coupler
850nm Circulator 850nm PM Circulator 850nm Collimator
850nm Isolator 850nm PM Isolator 850nm MM Optical Switch (Module)
850nm Patchcord / Pigtail 850nm MM Patchcord / Pigtail 850nm Optical Switch (Module)
850nm MM WDM Fused WDM Multi-Mode (MM) Filter WDM
PLC Splitter

1060nm / 1064nm Components

1064nm Beam Combiner / Splitter 1064nm Fused WDM 1064nm PM WDM
1064nm PI Circulator 1064nm PM Circulator 1064nm Faraday Mirror
1064nm Isolator 1064nm PM Isolator 1064nm Polarizer
1064nm Collimator 1064nm PM Collimator 1064nm Patchcord
1064nm Coupler 1064nm PM Coupler 1064nm PM Patchcord

Fiber Optic Equipment

Amplified Spontaneous Emission (ASE) Light Source

ASE C-Band Light Source
(1525nm to 1565nm)
ASE C-Band Light Source Module
(1525nm to 1565nm)
ASE C+L-Band Light Source
(1525nm to 1610nm)
ASE 1050nm Light Source
(1030nm to 1070nm)
Polarization Maintaining (PM) ASE Light Source
(1022~1078nm, 1040~1085nm

Erbium-Doped Fiber Amplifier (EDFA)

Bench Top Single Channel EDFA
(C-Band, C+L-Band, L-Band)
Bench Top High Power Single Channel EDFA
(C-Band, 27dBm and 33dBm)
Metro EDFA (Module Size)
EDFA for DWDM EDFA for SDH Multifunctional EDFA
EDFA Educational Kits

Optical Switch Benchtop/Rackmount (1 x N)

850nm Optical Switch Benchtop/Rackmount 1310nm Optical Switch Benchtop/Rackmount 1550nm Optical Switch Benchtop/Rackmount
1310/1550nm Optical Switch Benchtop/Rackmount

Pump Laser

980nm Pump Laser 1480nm Pump Laser

Superluminescent Light Emitting Diodes (SLED) Light Source

SLED Bench Top 680nm Series SLED Bench Top 820nm Series SLED Bench Top 840nm Series
SLED Bench Top 935nm Series SLED Bench Top 980nm Series SLED Bench Top 1020nm Series
SLED Bench Top 1050nm Series SLED Bench Top 1310nm Series SLED Bench Top 1400nm Series
SLED Bench Top 1550nm Series SLED Bench Top 1600nm Series

Super Wide Band (SWB) Light Source

E+S+C+L+U-Band Light Source (1420nm to 1640nm) O+E-Band Light Source
(1260nm to 1460nm)

Variable Optical Attenuator (VOA)

Bench Top Variable Optical Attenuator (VOA) Electrical Variable Optical Attenuator (VOA)
PM Variable Optical Attenuator (VOA)

Fiber Optic Components

Polarization Beam Combiner / Splitter

808nm Polarization Beam Combiner/Splitter 980nm Polarization Beam Combiner/Splitter 1064nm Polarization Beam Combiner/Splitter
1310nm Polarization Beam Combiner/Splitter 1430nm Polarization Beam Combiner/Splitter 1480nm Polarization Beam Combiner/Splitter
1550nm Polarization Beam Combiner/Splitter 1310/1550nm Polarization Beam Combiner/Splitter

Fiber Optic Circulator (3 & 4 ports)

Polarization Independent (PI) Circulator
850nm PI Circulators 980nm PI Circulators 1053nm PI Circulators
1064nm PI Circulators
1210-1410nm PI Circulators 1240-1380nm PI Circulators
1280-1400nm PI Circulators 1310nm PI Circulators 1300-1500nm PI Circulators
1325-1375nm PI Circulators 1360nm PI Circulators 1420-1490nm PI Circulators
1450nm PI Circulators 1480nm PI Circulators 1460-1620nm PI Circulators
1550nm PI Circulators C+L Band PI Circulators 1540nm PI Circulators
1590nm PI Circulators 1630nm PI Circulators 1650nm PI Circulators
Polarization Maintaining (PM) Circulator
840nm PM Circulators 850nm PM Circulators 980nm PM Circulators
1050nm PM Circulators 1053nm PM Circulators 1055nm PM Circulators
1057nm PM Circulators 1064nm PM Circulators 1070nm PM Circulators
1080nm PM Circulators 1240-1380nm PM Circulators 1280-1340nm PM Circulators
1310nm PM Circulators 1520-1580nm PM Circulators 1550nm PM Circulators
C+L Band PM Circulators
High Power Circulator
500mW High Power Circulators 1W High Power Circulators 2W High Power Circulators
3W High Power Circulators 5W High Power Circulators 10W High Power Circulators
20W High Power Circulators

Fiber Optic Collimator

Single Mode (SM) Collimator
532-980nm SM Collimator 840nm SM Collimator 850nm SM Collimator
1064nm SM Collimator 1310nm SM Collimator 1550nm SM Collimator
1630-1670nm SM Collimator
Polarization Maintaining (PM) Collimator
1020-1040nm PM Collimator 1064nm PM Collimator 1310nm PM Collimator
1550nm PM Collimator

Fiber Optic Coupler

Single Mode (SM) Coupler
532nm SM Coupler 633nm SM Coupler 780-860nm SM Coupler
840nm SM Coupler 850nm SM Coupler 980nm SM Coupler
1053nm SM Coupler 1060nm SM Coupler 1064nm SM Coupler
1078nm SM Coupler 1220-1410nm SM Coupler 1300nm SM Coupler
1310nm SM Coupler 1310/1550nm SM Coupler 1450/1550nm SM Coupler
1550nm SM Coupler
Single Mode Filter Coupler
1310nm TFF Coupler 1550nm TFF Coupler
Multi-mode (MM) Coupler
500-1600nm MM Coupler 800-1600nm MM Coupler 850nm MM Coupler
810-890nm MM Coupler 1270-1350nm MM Coupler 1310nm MM Coupler
Polarization Maintaining (PM) Coupler
820nm PM Coupler 850nm PM Coupler 935nm PM Coupler
980nm PM Coupler 1030nm PM Coupler 1040nm PM Coupler
1053nm PM Coupler 1064nm PM Coupler 1080nm PM Coupler
1100nm PM Coupler 1270/1550nm PM Coupler 1270/1577nm PM Coupler
1310nm PM Coupler 1310/1480nm PM Coupler 1310/1550nm PM Coupler
1550nm PM Coupler 1600/1690nm PM Coupler 1620-1690nm PM Coupler
Polarization Maintaining (PM) Filter Coupler
1310nm PM Filter Coupler 1550nm PM Filter Coupler
Polarization Maintaining (PM) Filter Coupler Module
1310nm PM Filter Coupler Module 1550nm PM Filter Coupler Module
Fused Polarization Maintaining (PM) Coupler
850nm Fused PM Coupler 980nm Fused PM Coupler 1060nm Fused PM Coupler
1310nm Fused PM Coupler 1550nm Fused PM Coupler
Polarization Maintaining (PM) Tap Coupler
1064nm PM Tap Coupler

Planar Lightwave Circulatorscuit (PLC) Splitter

1260-1620nm PLC Splitter 1260-1650nm PLC Splitter 1270-1350nm PLC Splitter
1310nm PLC Splitter 1510-1590nm PLC Splitter 1550nm PLC Splitter

Coarse Wavelength Division Multiplexer (CWDM)

2 to 16 Channels,
20nm Channel Spacing CWDM
Polarization Maintaining (PM) Coarse Wavelength Division Multiplexer CWDM
2 to 40 Channels, 100 GHz and 200 GHz Channel Spacing PM CWDM

Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexer (DWDM)

Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexer DWDM (TFF)
8 to 40 Channels,
100 GHz and 200 GHz Channel Spacing  

Array Waveguide Grating Multiplexer/Demultiplxer (AWG DWDM)
Polarization Maintaining (PM) Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexer DWDM
100 GHz and 200 GHz Channel Spacing PM DWDM

Faraday Mirror

Single Mode (SM) Faraday Mirror
980-1064nm SM Faraday Mirror 1064nm SM Faraday Mirror 1210-1410nm SM Faraday Mirror
1310nm SM Faraday Mirror 1480nm SM Faraday Mirror 1550nm SM Faraday Mirror
Polarization Maintaining (PM) Faraday Mirror
1310nm PM Faraday Mirror 1480nm PM Faraday Mirror 1550nm PM Faraday Mirror

Faraday Rotator

980-1064nm Faraday Rotator 1310nm Faraday Rotator 1480nm Faraday Rotator
1550nm Faraday Rotator

Fiber Optic Isolator

Single/Dual Stage Polarization Independent (PI) Isolator
750nm PI Isolator 770nm PI Isolator 850nm PI Isolator
980nm PI Isolator 1020nm PI Isolator 1030nm PI Isolator
1050nm PI Isolator 1053nm PI Isolator 1060nm PI Isolator
1064nm PI Isolator 1075-1085nm PI Isolator 1080nm PI Isolator
1090nm PI Isolator 1093nm PI Isolator 1120nm PI Isolator
1180nm PI Isolator 1210-1410nm PI Isolator 1250nm PI Isolator
1255nm PI Isolator 1270nm PI Isolator 1280nm PI Isolator
1310nm PI Isolator 1380-1415nm PI Isolator 1415-1445nm PI Isolator
1420-1460nm PI Isolator 1480nm PI Isolator CL-Band PI Isolator
1550nm PI Isolator 1580nm PI Isolator 1620nm PI Isolator
1650nm PI Isolator 1670nm PI Isolator
Broadband Polarization Independent (PI) Isolator
1054-1074nm Broadband PI Isolator 1160-1460nm Broadband PI Isolator 1280-1440nm Broadband PI Isolator
1460-1620nm Broadband PI Isolator
Gain Flatten Filter (GFF) Isolator
S-Band (GFF) Isolator C-Band (GFF) Isolator L-Band (GFF) Isolator
Polarization Maintaining (PM) Isolator
850nm PM Isolator 980nm PM Isolator 1030nm PM Isolator
1040nm PM Isolator 1043nm PM Isolator 1050nm PM Isolator
1053nm PM Isolator 1064nm PM Isolator 1080nm PM Isolator
1093nm PM Isolator 1100nm PM Isolator 1310m PM Isolator
1480nm PM Isolator 1550nm PM Isolator 1580nm PM Isolator
1557-1617nm PM Isolator
Polarization Maintaining (PM) Tap Isolator
1047nm PM Tap Isolator 1059-1069nm PM Tap Isolator 1064nm PM Tap Isolator
Polarization Dependent Free Space Isolator
780nm Polarization Dependent Free Space Isolator 1034nm Polarization Dependent Free Space Isolator
High Power Isolator
500mW Isolator 1W Isolator 2W Isolator
3mW Isolator 5W Isolator 10W Isolator

Optical Switch Module

Single Mode (SM) Optical Switch Module (1x1, 1x2, 1x4, 2x2, 2x4, 4x4 ports)
532-980nm SM Optical Switch (Module) 850nm SM Optical Switch (Module) 1260-1620nm SM Optical Switch (Module)
1280-1340nm SM Optical Switch (Module) 1310nm SM Optical Switch (Module) 1520-1625nm SM Optical Switch (Module)
1550nm SM Optical Switch (Module) 1310/1550nm SM Optical Switch (Module)
Multi-Mode (MM) Optical Switch Module (1x2, 2x2, 4x4 ports)
532-980nm MM Optical Switch (Module) 850nm MM Optical Switch (Module) 1260-1620nm MM Optical Switch (Module)
1310nm MM Optical Switch (Module) 1550nm MM Optical Switch (Module) 850/1310nm MM Optical Switch (Module)
850/1550nm MM Optical Switch (Module) 1310/1550nm MM Optical Switch (Module)
Solid-Stage Optical Switch Module (1x2 ports)
1550nm Solid-Stage
Optical Switch (Module)

Patchcord / Pigtail

Single Mode (SM) Patchcord
633nm SM Patchcord 850nm SM Patchcord 980nm SM Patchcord
1064nm SM Patchcord 1310nm SM Patchcord 1550nm SM Patchcord
Multi-Mode (MM) Patchcord
850nm MM Patchcord 1310nm MM Patchcord
Polarization Maintaining (PM) Patchcord
980nm PM Patchcord 1064nm PM Patchcord 1310nm PM Patchcord
1550nm PM Patchcord

Optical Polarizer

980nm Polarizer 1064nm Polarizer 1300-1600nm Polarizer
1310nm Polarizer 1480nm Polarizer 1550nm Polarizer
1610nm Polarizer

Wavelength Division Multiplexer (WDM)

Fused WDM Thin Film Filter (TFF) WDM
Multi-Mode (MM) Filter WDM Polarization Maintaining (PM) WDM

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